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Atelio Aftermarket International

Online OE/AM parts catalog

Atelio Aftermarket International is an online catalog for OE (original equipment) and AM (equipment manufacturer) parts for light vehicles and light utility vehicles maintenance and repair.

As part of a manufacturer’s maintenance or mechanical repair, you can make an accurate and complete quotation in a few clicks.

Atelio Aftermarket International allows you to send a part order directly to the distributor’s management tool (provided it is interfaced with the catalog solution) and receive instant confirmation.

Main Features :


  • Manufacturer repair time
  • Manufacturer routine service
  • Methods & Data
  • Interface with management tool
  • Easy navigation thanks to graphic boards
  • Smart catalogue:  families’ proposal associated with the selection of a part  in order to generate additional turnover

Our commitments :


For garage

  • Checking prices and stock of parts from the supplier
  • Ordering the parts online
  • Completing quotations in a few clicks

For parts supplier

  • Gain the majority of parts orders by providing the catalog to the garage clients
  • Prioritize favorite equipment manufacturers by their variety of parts and maximize profit margin