Transforming information into performance

Repairmax Pro

Repairmax Pro allows you to significantly increase your workshop inputs by recontacting your customers at the right time. Using a sophisticated algorithm, Repairmax Pro crosses customer information, all invoices from your management software with manufacturer data.

An advanced system of campaigns allows to define the target operations, it determines which part of the customer population must be contacted for the month and for the current campaign (braking, air conditioning, maintenance …)

Key features:

  • Campaign Management
  • Targeting the customer population to recontact
  • Choice of communication channel for reminders
  • Statistics on workshop returns
  • Promotions (coupon code, discounts …)


Key figures

  • 3.8 millionvehicle analyzed (12% of the FR VP Park)
  • 2.2 millionSMS per year
  • 8 %Return-rate
  • 16Monthly additional workshop entries
  • 4.000 €Monthly additional Sales