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Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing

With our Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing solutions, we make it easier for you to transform your operational data into analytics and actions that help you seize opportunities sooner and better than your competitors

Business intelligence and digital marketing are essential tools for measuring and extending the performance of any company. This includes businesses operating in the automotive aftermarket.

Understanding, analysing, and anticipating customer needs with our predictive marketing applications makes it possible to offer a personalised service that creates long-lasting customer loyalty and increased sales.

To facilitate this, we provide groups and networks with innovative digital marketing tools and powerful BI dashboards. These transform data into information designed to help aftermarket players gain and retain customers, while also aiding sales optimisation, and increasing turnover.

Our solutions offer resources that help workshops and businesses to monitor and improve their performance. By applying data analytics and by creating better customer relationships and online visibility, they can stand out from the competition. We facilitate this by integrating our solutions into our customers’ online platforms.

Use our technology to create long-lasting relationships with customers

BI monitor performance benefit

Constantly monitor business performance

BI customers relationship benefit

Strengthen the relationship
with your customers

BI Growth benefit

Grow your brand against your competitors

Facts & figures


quotations generated for connected networks


online quotations turned into real appointments in the workshop

up to 15%

the average return rate on marketing campaigns generated using the solution


average order size per quotation

business intelligence and digital marketing


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Predictive marketing solution to build customer loyalty

Software that helps build and enhance customer loyalty. Its algorithm crosses data from manufacturers’ maintenance plans and your management software.

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Our qualified data is made available for practical, strategic, and operational insights and decision-making

Combining the rich data from our solutions with your data in a project-driven setup.


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