Transforming information into performance


The Software solution for general vehicle state control and point-by-point record. Although the software is intended for workshops, it can be also used for client service purposes. Ino Check improves client experience by establishing a trust relationship with the mechanic.

Higher satisfaction, higher fidelity, bigger sales!

Key features:

  • Creation and personalization of checklists
  • Centralized management for networks: graphic charts, check forms, statistics…
  • Online agreement for additional work
  • Connection with predictive marketing

Our commitments:

For the mechanic:

  • Generate additional revenue thanks to a work follow-up feature
  • Improve final client satisfaction with a professional approach
  • Save time with the digitalization of diagnostic files

For the network:

  • Consolidation of sales policies and marketing
  • Centralized visibility of workshop activities
  • Standardization of “client” processes in your network