Transforming information into performance

Online Estimate

Saas online quote solution 

The growth of digital information sources has changed the behavior of drivers on the net. To respond to this evolution, we support our customers in the implementation of a digital strategy through our online quote solution.

With Online Estimate, you can will offer your prospects a detailed and immediate online quote for each operation (draining, tires, maintenance, braking, battery, shock absorber, exhaust…). This solution allows potential customers to carry out an accurate maintenance or wear quotation on their vehicle, in just a few clicks on your website.

Key features:

  • Perfect integration into your website
  • Customizing the customer journey
  • Using builders databases
  • Quote based on your pricing and promotional policy

Our commitments:

For the repairers:Application devis en ligne

  • Turn website traffic into workshop entries
  • Workshop Load Management
  • Relieving the counter of encryption tasks
  • Visibility on the Internet

For the network:

  • Federate trade policies
  • Boost customer traffic
  • Increase the visibility of the network
  • Acquire new customers



Key figures

  • 1.2 millionsunique visitors per year
  • 600.000quotes made online per year
  • 54 000appointments taken per year
  • 203 €as average basket
  • 9 %as transformation rate