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HaynesPro’s core product is its database called WorkshopData™ which is the result of over 25 years experience of automotive data management. WorkshopData™ contains a vast amount of multilingual automotive OEM-based data for cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks and trailers. It is built up out of three modules: Smart, Electronics and Tech. Together they form the acronym “SET”. The data can be viewed through HaynesPro’s own user interface, WorkshopData Touch™ or the data can be integrated with other applications, using state of the art webservices or API’s (application programming interfaces).

The different WorkshopData modules

The WorkshopData solution is divided into 3 main modules:

WorkshopData™ Tech is the cornerstone of HaynesPro’s ingenious technical data application. This module contains extensive identification, repair and maintenance information, all at its customers disposal.

WorkshopData™ Tech includes the following topics:

  • Identification data
  • Maintenance
  • Adjustment data
  • Lubricants and fluids
  • Repair manuals
  • Recalls
  • Repair times
  • Technical drawings

WorkshopData™ Electronics helps technicians identify, locate and resolve electrical system and component errors using intelligent data applications such as its guided diagnostics module most commonly known as VESA™ (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant).

WorkshopData™ Electronics includes the following topics :

  • VESA™ (Guided diagnostics)
  • Comfort Wiring Diagrams
  • Fuses and Relays

WorkshopData™ Smart greatly helps technicians reduce the time spent on fixing common faults by offering tips and tricks from renowned helpdesk organizations (SmartCASE). It also includes OEM Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recall data.

WorkshopData™ Smart includes the following topics :

  • Known fixes and tips (SmartCASE™)
  • Technical Service Bulletins (SmartFIX™)
  • Recalls

These software packages can be installed in a stand-alone mode or integrated directly into your company portal. It is also possible to choose the elements to be added to your company’s portal.


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