Revolutionizing the Automotive  Aftermarket: Infopro Digital’s Industry-wide Connectivity

infopro digital automotive comapny and corporate website launch

Infopro Digital Automotive is a leading player in B2B Data, Software and Services for the automotive aftermarket

We are on a mission to be the leader in connecting all the players in the automotive aftermarket. We empower businesses and professionals around the world with technical information, data, and technology solutions. We enable our customers to make qualified decisions based on intelligent insights to achieve stronger results and greater efficiency in their applications.

We aim to offer a range of end-to-end digital services for an evolving automotive market, offering intelligent, innovative, and user-friendly solutions.

At Automechanika 2022, the launch of the new global website presents Infopro Digital Automotive as one company and one brand, consolidating our portfolio and enhancing our connected software and solutions:

  • Automotive Technical Data and Repair & Maintenance Information: We simplify repair and maintenance operations by providing reliable and accurate technical data and repair procedures in a standardised format.
  • Catalogues and B2B platforms: We bridge the spare parts supply chain gap with digital catalogues for B2B platforms. This connects workshops and distributors, simplifying finding and ordering the fitting spare parts for the right vehicle.
  • ERPs and Dealer Management Systems: We help to boost productivity and improve business organisation for aftermarket businesses of all sizes through efficient Management Solutions & ERPs.
  • Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing: We make it easier for aftermarket companies to transform their operational data into analytics. Our BI dashboards allow them to make informed strategic decisions and seize opportunities faster and more advantageously than their competitors. Moreover, with our predictive marketing applications, they can understand, analyse, and anticipate customer needs to offer a personalised service that creates lasting loyalty.

The strategical business expansion of Infopro Digital Automotive is the key to our global success and has resulted in a constantly evolving knowledge connection that is channelled through our desire to bring together technologies and support our customers with solutions perfectly adapted to their needs,” says Regis Sandrin, Executive Director of Infopro Digital Automotive.


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