Spanish specialist in management software for spare parts distributors and manufacturers

Isi Condal
Isi Condal headquarter

Isi Condal is a brand of Infopro Digital Automotive specialised in creating and commercialising solutions for spare parts manufacturers and distributors in Spain and Portugal. It is formed by a team of 20 people located in Barcelona.

A team that, as Eric González Canova – General Manager Souther Europe – says, “can be defined by its cohesion and by the commitment that all its members have with the customers”.

It serves nearly 800 customers, between independent spare parts distributors and the main distributor networks.

Isi Condal Office

Isi Condal is focused on the aftermarket spare parts sector and has management software as its main core business, with IsiParts ERP and i2i B2B e-commerce system as its most ambitious and well-known products on the market. Business intelligence, fleet management, CRM and fare management solutions complete the fully interconnected software portfolio.

Its solutions are fully customizable and adaptable to the special needs of each distributor. This aspect, together with the absolute specialization of its software and his large experience, is the key to the success of the Isi Condal portfolio.   


B2B Spare parts e-commerce

Dealer management system


Isi Condal was founded in 1993 by a group of professionals related to the automotive industry and has developed its entire activity in the automotive aftermarket industry, evolving its technological proposal to add value and adapt it to the needs of the spare parts aftermarket sector. It has been part of Infopro Digital Automotive since 2021

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