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For over 30 years, a reference point in software development, technical data and support for the Italian automotive sector

Introducing our brand company Autronica

Get to know the Italian Company Autronica

For over 30 years, Autronica has been a point of reference in software developmenttechnical data and assistance for the Italian automotive sector.


Autronica, as the Italian branch of Infopro Digital Automotive, supports the entire Automotive Aftermarket industry in optimising and digitalising business and commercial processes through its technical databases, management software and web applications.


For three decades, Autronica has stood as a steadfast ally to Italian mechanics, providing automotive software and technical data in accordance with the ex Monti regulation, now 461/2010. Our commitment to quality and expertise in product design has set us apart in the market since 1992.


Autronica shares a common passion for engines, profound understanding of the specificities in the Italian parts distribution sector, and a shared commitment to progress with its customers.

Get to know Autronica Italian Company
  • Technical data software
  • Online spare parts catalogues
  • Dealer management system
  • Specialised technical assistance

Autronica’s History

Autronica srl was founded in 1992 in Basaldella di Campoformido by three partners and friends who shared the desire and passion to provide services to car repairers in the area.


Autronica’s activity began with the organisation of specific training courses for mechanics. In 1994 it launched its first product AUTRONICA INFORM, a collection of identified and solved car breakdowns. This initiative laid the groundwork for future software development.

Evolving over time, the company progressively delved into technical publishing. By 1998, Autronica unveiled its first technical database for car repairers, initially distributed on floppy disks and later transitioned to DVDs. This expansion allowed Autronica to establish a widespread presence throughout Italy, solidifying its position as a key reference for technical automotive information.


In 2004, Autronica initiated the exclusive marketing of Rivista Tecnica dell’Automobile and Electronic Auto Volt, two specialized manuals for car maintenance by Infopro Digital, in Italy.


In 2006, Autronica joined forces with ETAI, now recognized as Infopro Digital Automotive, and officially became its subsidiary in Italy.

The union of these two realities and the enrichment of new products made Autronica grow to such an extent that in 2016 it doubled its historical headquarters. In 2019, aligning with its ongoing commercial expansion and the evolution of its European presence, Autronica underwent a rebranding, presenting itself to the market with the new Infopro Digital Automotive logo.


2020 is a year of significant changes for Autronica. Its headquarters were relocated to Udine Nord in a new and prestigious building on Via Nazionale in Tavagnacco. Alongside this, the company introduced two new solutions: the workshop management software, Atelio Pro, and the spare parts catalogue, Atelio Aftermarket International.