Technical Data and Repair Information

Atelio Data: An innovative new approach to repair and maintenance data for workshops

Discover the power of Atelio Data, the software that best embodies Infopro Digital Automotive’s expertise, revolutionising the repair and maintenance data landscape for garages.

Atelio Data is an innovative new approach to repair and maintenance data for workshops

Let’s discover Atelio Data

Atelio Data is Infopro Digital Automotive’s revolutionary automotive database for repair and maintenance data for all types of vehicles.

The latest arrival at Infopro Digital Automotive, Atelio Data was created by and for mechanics and workshop networks, making it the most comprehensive and richest technical database in Europe. Moreover, it offers unrivalled access to essential repair and maintenance data.

Atelio Data’s interface is completely innovative compared to common databases and has been designed to best meet the practical needs of today’s automotive repair professionals. In addition to being an invaluable source of technical information, Atelio Data allows you to improve workshop productivity, resulting in increased profitability and reduced operating costs.

Therefore, enhancing your workshop with Atelio Data means benefitting from direct access to standardised manufacturer-sourced repair and maintenance data, original wiring diagrams, labour estimates, a wide range of vehicle breakdowns and detailed procedures. Essentially, Atelio Data is much more than a database: it is an extra gear for your workshop to remain competitive in the vehicle service sector.

Atelio Data: Infopro Digital Automotive's revolutionary automotive database for repair and maintenance data

The aim of ATELIO DATA is to make your life easier by providing swift, efficient access to the information you need for enhanced productivity among repair professionals.


By combining essential maintenance and repair data with a unique electronic and intelligent diagnostic module ATELIO DATA enables mechanics to diagnose, maintain and repair light vehicles and LCVs with a single tool.


In addition, ATELIO DATA is equipped with a revolutionary search engine that suggests operations and corrects typing errors to ensure fast and accurate data and repair methods search results.

Unlock the full potential of your workshop with Atelio Data for a future of automotive excellence, where cutting-edge technology meets the art of mechanics, turning every workshop into a hub of innovation and efficiency in auto repair.

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Atelio Data Benefits

Here are the key advantages of having Atelio Data, our Car Repair and Maintenance Database

Save time

Atelio Data accelerates workshop repair management and simplifies vehicle diagnostics.
Our online repair data and instruction software makes your job as a mechanic easier than ever, with instant access to all the instructions and technical data you need for each vehicle. With its innovative search engine, you can save time and quickly search for the right procedure for the correct vehicle.

Enhance your professionalism

With Atelio Data you can strengthen your professionalism by showcasing mechanical and electronic expertise on all brands to your customers.
Your workshop will demonstrate a perfect experience by providing a full range of services and guaranteeing compliance with manufacturer warranties.

Greater reliability

Improve the reliability of your repairs with an interface that provides access to information and vehicle identification, helping you avoid errors. Accurately calculate labour hours and use the Documentary Support driven by automotive specialists when information is hard to find or very specific.

Increase the performance of your garage

Speed up your diagnostics to save time, improve your revenue by avoiding unnecessary part replacements, and make a profit from your workshop business.

Atelio Data Exclusive content

Technical data and repair methods for demanding workshops

Providing a comprehensive overview of manufacturer maintenance intervals, Atelio Data facilitates the swift selection of service processes by granting immediate access to maintenance times and specific component information. Furthermore, it suggests additional procedures aligned with the manufacturer’s recommendation, accompanied by intelligent links to detailed technical drawings, components, lubricants, and fluid setting values.

Distinguishing itself from other market options, Atelio Data goes beyond by offering a convenient history of routine and extraordinary maintenance performed on any vehicle, always at your fingertips. Moreover, all data related to the operations necessary for a job is consolidated in a single environment, ensuring quick and effortless access to all essential information.

Atelio Data Technical data and repair methods for demanding workshops

Atelio Data’s most important and innovative development concerns the practical and rapid use of information. Not only does it enable the most common searches by license plate, make, model, or VIN, it also greatly reduces the number of steps needed to get to the data you’re looking for.
The search engine operates worldwide and searches all of dataset content for the information you need.

View the history of your most searched vehicles using the convenient control panel, which is also available on the touchscreen. Additionally, users can select their favorite models so that they always appear at the top of the list.

A practical system of colored labels allows you to quickly identify vehicles that require additional documentation.

The information present is diverse and comprehensive: repair manuals, technical drawings, technical data, OEM repair times, drawings and recommended tool descriptions, ADAS data.

Atelio Data’s maintenance schedules provide a clear and detailed overview of the requirements specified by vehicle manufacturers to meet their warranties and are flexible with a choice by Periodicity or by Mileage. In addition, it is possible to print the maintenance checklist.

Atelio Data is the only Repair and Maintenance Database with Guided Diagnosis Module

Documentary technical assistance directly on your car database Atelio Data

Atelio Data also provides unparalleled technical assistance through the direct connection its users can have with Infopro experts. Assistance is accessible from multiple points in the software.

Once a request has been sent to the technical department via e-mail, it is automatically integrated into the application and its progress can be tracked. Response times are very fast with an impressive 95% positive customer feedback.

Documentary technical assistance directly on your car database Atelio Data

Facts & figures

  • 99 %
    Coverage for vehicles on the road
  • 77
    Makes covered
  • + 500 K
  • + 1 M
    Repair methods
  • + 5 M
    components supported by guided diagnostics
  • + 1 M
    oils and liquids data

Atelio Data Moto data set: Repair and Maintenance Data and methods for scooters and motorcycles

Atelio Data Additional dataset modules

Does your workshop also repair motorcycles?

Add the Atelio Data Moto software: Repair and Maintenance Data and methods for motorcycles and mopeds

Atelio Data Moto is a software with motorcycle and scooter repair instructions and technical data that allows mechanics to safely and effectively diagnose, maintain and repair two-wheeled vehicles. Leveraging Infopro Digital Automotive’s expertise, Atelio Data Moto utilizes OEM-sourced data to deliver high-quality service. Save valuable time by accessing motorcycle methods, data, and wiring diagrams in just a few simple steps.”

Atelio Data Truck, the dataset for workshops dealing with heavy vehicles with procedures and technical data for truck repair.

Are you a mechanic specialised in truck repair?

Then ask us about Atelio Data Truck, a specialized software tailored for workshops handling heavy vehicles. It is equipped with procedures and technical data specifically designed for truck repair.

Atelio Data Truck was designed to complement Infopro’s heavy vehicle maintenance services.

We collect repair procedures and technical data for trucks, industrial vehicles, trailers, and axles and provide detailed guidance to repair companies for all major European truck models.

Data is divided into seven main categories: Maintenance, Engine, Transmission, Steering, Brakes, Axles, Exterior/Interior, and Electronics.

Each of these categories may include records such as setup data, technical drawings, fuses and relays, manuals and procedures, repair times, wiring diagrams, diagnostics, and more.

Top Highlights of Atelio Data Repair and Maintenance Database

Atelio Data Key Features

Top Highlights of the Atelio Data Repair and Maintenance Database

  • Simple and precise vehicle search​
  • Available on computer, tablet and mobile​
  • Regular updates of content and features
  • Multi-brand technical database
  • Search engine based on autofill technology 
  • Step-by-step guided diagnostics module​
  • Active maintenance schedules
  • Documentary assistance for complex research

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