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Technical Data and Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Informations

We simplify repair and maintenance operations by providing reliable and accurate technical data and information in a standardised format

Technical Data and Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Informations

Why vehicle technical data are so important to us?

At Infopro we believe that access to technical data and repair and maintenance information is vital for a secure and efficient automotive aftermarket.

technical data for maintenance and repair

For contemporary auto repair workshops, the ability to access precise and trustworthy technical data for maintenance and repair, while adhering to manufacturers’ warranties, is of paramount importance.

Infopro Digital Automotive has been at the forefront of integrating OEM data from vehicle and parts manufacturers for an extended period. Our software facilitates essential repair and maintenance procedures for both on-road and off-road vehicles.

Our mission at Infopro Digital Automotive is to empower automotive repair professionals with the tools they need to excel. Regardless of the vehicle, our proprietary solutions deliver data that ensures rapid and efficient fault diagnosis and resolution. We aim to provide our partners with the confidence that having the right data at their disposal will enable smooth and secure operations, ultimately optimizing time spent on each vehicle and enhancing workshop efficiency and customer satisfactio

Facts & figures

  • + 80 K
    vehicle variants
  • + 5.4 M
    OE references
  • + 35 K
    vehicle models
  • + 6500

Explore Our Key Technical Data and Repair & Maintenance Solutions

  • Atelio Data Il software di officina per eccellenza

    Ultimate Workshop- Data Software: OEM-Based Technical Data, Repair Methods and Diagnostics

    Discover a new approach to comprehensive technical data, repair methods and diagnostic solutions. Based on OEM data.

  • Software HaynesPro di dati tecnici basati su OEM per auto, camion e motocicli
    Logo Haynes Data

    The best B2B OEM-based technical data software for cars, trucks, and motorcycles

    Explore our OEM-based technical data software tailored for diagnostic tool manufacturers, parts distributors and workshop networks . The easiest to implement technical…

  • Banca dati OATS su oli e lubrificanti che mette in contatto produttori, clienti e distributori
    Logo Oats Infopro Digital Automotive

    Oil and lubricant database connecting manufacturers, customers and distributors

    A recommendation system to help manufacturers and distributors of industrial lubricants optimise their product portfolio and direct their customers to the right…

  • Istruzioni di installazione ProFit Online sui componenti del produttore

    Online installation instructions on manufacturers’ components

    Enables manufacturers to add a QR code to their component packaging to provide workshops with our installation & repair instructions accessible on…

The keys
of success

Unlock the power of our dedicated automotive technical data and repair software. With our precision-driven solutions, mechanics and garage networks gain a competitive edge. Access comprehensive vehicle repair information and stay steps ahead in providing top-notch service. Elevate your expertise with our reliable data, ensuring seamless maintenance and repair operations, all in one place


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