Technical Data and Repair Information

HaynesPro: The Premier Automotive B2B Technical Information Database

Discover HaynesPro (formerly WorkshopData), a comprehensive technical information database supplying OEM automotive data for 99% of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and trucks on the road in Europe and Australia.

HaynesPro: The Premier Automotive B2B Technical Information Database

Let’s discover HaynesPro

Mastering vehicle repair with HaynesPro data: flexible, standardised maintenance and repair instructions and technical data for cars, motorcycles and trucks, designed to fit seamlessly into the your customer’s environment.

HaynesPro, formerly known as WorkshopData, is a database offering comprehensive automotive data and technical information for professionals. It includes data on repairs, maintenance, repair times, wiring diagrams, fault management and much more.

HaynesPro enables workshop networks, parts distributors, manufacturers, fleet operators and diagnostic equipment manufacturers to optimise their products by integrating the HaynesPro technical information with their services.

Our automotive data and technical repair information provide a comprehensive, up-to-date database featuring the latest OEM-based repair and maintenance procedures. This is complemented by a complete electric vehicle (EV) database.

Padroneggiate la riparazione dei veicoli con HaynesPro: il vostro portale interconnesso multilingue di dati basati sugli OEM per auto, moto e autocarri pesanti.

As Europe’s leading provider of automotive data, HaynesPro transcends borders with its truly pan-European presence offering a unique automotive data and technical Information product in 27 languages. Our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is evident; if your language isn’t represented, talk to us about it; we may be able to bridge that gap.

HaynesPro by Infopro: where precision meets efficiency. We provide automotive professionals with all the automotive data and technical information needed to handle breakdowns, carry out repair work, and tackle difficult problems

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Empower your business with access to accurate, reliable data within seconds.

HaynesPro Benefits

A valuable ally in the workshop with clear benefits for your business

The single access point to all makes, based on OEM data

HaynesPro offers a single environment for OEM-based technical data covering 80 makes. Most data is no more than two clicks away, giving you access to the correct data quickly and efficiently and saving precious time.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Extensive repository of repair and maintenance information
  • Includes labour times

Increase revenue and lower cost by increasing efficiency

Our Vehicle Electronic Smart Assistant (VESA™) helps users reduce non-billable hours by providing smart solutions for complex tasks. VESA™ can process up to seven fault codes at once. It offers fault code descriptions, a list of components to test, verified fixes, tips from industry experts (via SmartCASE™), Technical Service Bulletins (SmartFIX™), and recall data related to these codes.

  • Identify known issues quickly
  • Reduce non-billable hours
  • Expand your expertise in all makes

Reducing repair times

With regular updates and a 99% coverage of the European vehicles on the road HaynesPro is the most comprehensive source of trusted Repair, Diagnostic and Maintenance Information in Europe. Our unique datasets allow technicians to work on complicated new vehicles. They offer intelligent solutions which will help you save time and increase revenue and customer satisfaction

  • Standardised data structure for fast information retrieval
  • Advanced diagnostics for electronic systems and components
  • Work on the most recent vehicles including hybrid and EV data
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Multilingual support for global accessibility

HaynesPro Exclusive content

The Ultimate Trio of Tech, Electronics, and Smart Solutions for demanding car repairers

In the fast-paced world of automotive service and repair, professionals need a trusted source to keep them ahead of the curve. HaynesPro stands as that indispensable resource, offering a suite of specialised tools designed to elevate the standards of vehicle maintenance, repair, and diagnostics. With an unwavering commitment to accuracy and efficiency, HaynesPro has engineered three cornerstone components that form the bedrock of automotive excellence: HaynesPro Tech, HaynesPro Electronics, and HaynesPro Smart.

Tech, Electronics, and Smart HaynesPro Solution for demanding car repairers

HaynesPro Tech is the must-have data for automotive professionals seeking reliable and intuitive repair and maintenance information.

The dataset offers detailed maintenance sections, including OEM-based schedulestechnical drawings, and additional information on lubricants and adjustment data. Its unique features include logical follow-up tasks and printable worksheets, increasing workshop productivity and ensuring that vehicles meet safety standards.

Over 100,000 high-quality technical illustrations aid in identifying and servicing components, with torque settings included for precision work.

In summary, HaynesPro Tech stands out as a leading source of automotive data and technical information, designed to streamline the workflow of automotive workshops and enhance service quality across the industry.



  • Repair manuals; detailed, step-by-step operation and service instructions
  • OEM repair times
  • Technical Drawings; detailed illustrations with featured parts highlighted for ease of identification
  • OEM-based maintenance procedures
  • ADAS calibration data
  • Adjustment data
  • Lubricants and Fluids
  • Door trim and dashboard removal/installation

HaynesPro Data Delivery Methods

Explore HaynesPro Data Supply Methods: our expertise lies in providing bespoke data solutions for automotive excellence.

At Infopro Digital Automotive, understanding the needs and preferences of our customers is paramount.

This customer-centric approach was the driving force behind the launch in 2006 of WorkshopData ATI™ Online (now HaynesPro). We embraced online data delivery over the Internet well ahead of our competitors, giving us a significant advantage.

We were the first to introduce web services, which have now become the benchmark in the market. The integration of HaynesPro maintenance, repair, and diagnostic data represents our core competency, and we continue to develop it to deliver added value to our customers.

HaynesPro offers three tiers of data delivery options:

Portal-to-Portal Access:

Graphic illustrating Haynes data delivery method portal-to-portal access

Our portal-to-portal solution is the entry-level version of data integration, providing a quick and easy connection between your portal site and our technical data. You can use HaynesPro’s intuitive user interface and still create data links for vehicle and parts data using standard identifiers. It also ensures that an end user logged into your application can automatically access the online versions of HaynesPro that you have integrated (single sign-on).

Data exchange services

Graphic illustrating Haynes data delivery method  Exchange Services

HaynesPro Web Services gives you the flexibility to integrate all maintenance, repair and diagnostic data into your online application according to your needs, creating added value for your end users. This allows you to maintain a high level of user experience within your corporate branding and deliberately avoid any media disruption. The type and amount of HaynesPro Data you integrate can be tailored to your preferences and requirements.

Stand-Alone Solution:

Graphic illustrating Haynes data delivery method Stand-Alone Solution System

Standalone HaynesPro licences are also available to end users through our local partners, distributors and resellers, providing end users with a comprehensive online tool for rapid data retrieval. Our standard interface combines intelligent navigation with a user-friendly and intuitive design, optimised for both tablet and mobile devices.

Facts & figures

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HaynesPro Customer

Optimize your automotive service to customers with HaynesPro data solutions

HaynesPro provides cutting-edge data and technical information for the automotive industry, seamlessly integrating with the services that parts distribution, manufacturing and fleet management offers. Our database and updates provide industry professionals with the tools to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Choose HaynesPro for market-leading data accuracy and integration.

Empowering Parts Distributors with HaynesPro Data Solutions

HaynesPro revolutionizes parts distribution in Europe with leading automotive dataand technical information solutions, streamlining operations and increasing annual turnover, offering seamless system integration and expert data management. HaynesPro’s flexible data delivery options, including stand-alone, data exchange, and portal-to-portal services, empower distributors with a wider range of tailored solutions, white-labelling capabilities, and efficient licence management

Precision-Driven Growth: HaynesPro Data for Parts Manufacturers

HaynesPro supports parts manufacturers with precise OEM data, fostering product enhancement and sales growth. Access to specifications from fifty-three OEMs ensures part reliability and supports the creation of online guides and adjustment instructions. HaynesPro’s multilingual data, covering 27 languages, and innovative QR code applications for repair manuals, provide manufacturers with the tools for global expansion and superior customer experiences

Driving Efficiency: HaynesPro’s Data-Driven Solutions for Fleet Operators

HaynesPro equips fleet operators with advanced tools for cost management and operational efficiency. Our data enables accurate service forecasting and OEM-compliant repairs, offering a clear overview of maintenance schedules and cost analysis. Regular updates on Maintenance and Adjustments, informed by the latest vehicle data, enables strategic decision-making by fleet managers.

Enhanced Diagnostics: HaynesPro’s Edge for Equipment Manufacturers

HaynesPro complements diagnostic equipment with smart, efficient data solutions. Our VESA and Smart data integration streamline vehicle diagnosis and repair, optimising workshop operations. With direct EOBD port connections, technicians access essential data on site. HaynesPro’s comprehensive data suite, from fault codes to repair procedures, supports a full range of diagnostic needs, ensuring industry-leading diagnostic tool performance and customer satisfaction.

Do you run a roadside assistance fleet or drive a tow truck?

Simplify your roadside operations with our specific Data Set for rapid vehicle recovery

ROADSIDE, by Infopro Digital Automotive, is an innovative module designed for roadside assistance and tow truck operators. It streamlines roadside repairs, thereby improving intervention times and swiftly returning vehicles to the road.

Simplify your roadside operations with our specific Data Set for rapid vehicle recovery

HaynesPro Key Features

Top Highlights of the HaynesPro Technical Database: A Comprehensive Guide for workshops

  • ADAS calibration (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems)
  • Extended electronic circuit diagrams
  • Technical drawings with integrated tightening torques
  • Door trim: removal/installation
  • Turbocharger: removal/installation
  • SmartPACK™: OE Technical Service Bulletins / Fixes for common technical issues
  • Windscreen wipers: Service position
  • Manual transmission: removal/installation
  • Telematics emergency backup: Battery renewal
  • Start/Stop System: deactivation/activation
  • Oil level check: Vehicles without dipstick
  • Automatic transmission: Fluid level check and drain/refill

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