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Technical data supplier that enables the automotive market to create value through innovation, integration, partnership, and increased efficiency.

Introducing our brand company HynesPro

Get to know the HaynesPro Company

HaynesPro is a provider of automotive data solutions and workflow services, boasting over 25 years of expertise in tackling diverse challenges within the automotive aftermarket. Our sole aim is to help create value for every sector in the automotive aftermarket sector through innovative IT solutions and data.


HaynesPro understands that every sector has different needs when it comes to data provision, handling and management. However, what is common to every branch is that IT service providers should help come up with the best possible solution that fits the needs of IT departments and general management. The company’s pan-European team of experts makes sure that their customers’ sales processes never fail to reach their goal and that the data provided is guaranteed to be the best in the business.

  • Technical vehicles data
  • Maintenance Guidelines
  • Components installation instructions

HaynesPro’s History

Early years

From the moment HaynesPro, formerly known as Vivid Automotive Data & Media BV, was founded in 1995, it focused on delivering automotive technical data in an electronic format to the European automotive aftermarket.

Vivid’s founders were certain that their company would succeed simply because there was an unfulfilled need for technical information linked to parts; multilingual information stored in accessible databases, something that simply didn’t exist at the time.


Haynes Publishing

In 2008, Vivid became part of the Haynes Publishing Group, a renowned British company deeply embedded in the automotive industry for over 50 years. Haynes, a well-established brand, primarily focuses on the DIY and consumer market. The ‘Pro’ appended to HaynesPro signifies its role as the division dedicated to serving automotive professionals.


HaynesPro’s automotive data and workflow solutions are used by various branches of the automotive industry such as parts distributors, parts manufacturers, diagnostic equipment manufacturers, fleet operators, workshop chains etc. You may not always recognise HaynesPro’s automotive data but if you are active in the automotive aftermarket, you have likely come across their data. The automotive aftermarket is highly dynamic, and this is exactly what makes it interesting and exciting. Technological advances, the growth of electric and hybrid vehicles and “the connected car” are just a few of the factors that will influence the future of the automotive aftermarket. HaynesPro is ready for these changes.

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