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Atelio Aftermarket International: Parts catalogue and quotation tool for distributors and workshops

Atelio Aftermarket International (AMI) is a customisable spare parts catalogue and quotation tool, offering fitting information and direct ordering possibilities for over 70 car makes.

Distributor with customer using Atelio Aftermarket International: Parts catalogue and quotation tool for distributors and workshops

Let’s discover Atelio Aftermarket International

Spare parts catalogue that optimizes the quotation and part ordering process

Designed to accompany aftermarket professionals in their daily work, Atelio Aftermarket International (AMI) is a fully customisable OE and AM parts catalogue for light and commercial vehicles for automotive networks and companies.

Dedicated to car repairers and spare parts dealers, Atelio Aftermarket International also features a quotation tool with maintenance schedules and OEM labour times. It is enriched with technical information for replacement parts for more than 70 brands and over 90,000 vehicle variants.

Atelio Aftermarket International also makes it possible to send a spare part order directly to the distributor’s management tool (provided it is interfaced with the catalogue solution) and receive immediate confirmation.

OE and IAM auto parts catalogue

for price consultation, sales and ordering of car parts


OEM labour times
for reliable car repair estimates


Original manufacturer maintenance schedules
to respect the car warranty


Car repair methods and data
to always know how to install spare parts and intervene on car faults


Interfaceable with leading automotive management systems
for an automatic transmission of spare parts orders, stock status overview and invoice retrieval


Easy navigation thanks to the graphic selection of spare parts
to save precious time when searching for specific components


Fully customizable catalogue available in 7 languages
to create the spare part catalogue that reflects your network needs


Intelligent catalogue 
suggestion of families associated with the selection of a part to generate additional turnover


Tyre module
direct access to all tyres assigned to a vehicle in approved sizes, with their reference, designation and price.


Reliable documentation
cross OE standards, identification of OE-certified parts from the manufacturer.


Atelio Aftermarket International is designed to be an automotive parts catalogue that brings the spare parts dealer closer to the workshop, speeding up communication and efficiency.

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Atelio Aftermarket is a tailor-made catalogue for automotive professionals

Atelio Aftermarket Benefit

Atelio Aftermarket is a tailor-made catalogue for automotive professionals

Whether you’re an automobile repair specialist or a spare parts distributor, the Atelio Aftermarket International catalogue is custom-configured to seamlessly align with your distinct requirements and operational methodologies.

Benefits for the Mechanic

  • Boasting an extensive compilation of 5 million aftermarket references from 580 equipment manufacturers, coupled with 1.2 million manufacturer references encompassing pricing and stock details, Atelio Aftermarket International distinguishes itself as one of the most exhaustive catalogues in the industry
  • View the price list and car parts catalogue from your trusted supplier
  • Order the parts you need quickly and easily
  • Generate quotations in just a few clicks

Benefits for the Distributor

  • Increase turnover by providing the AMI catalogue to your workshops
  • Prioritise your preferred brands according to your parts offer to increase your sales margins
  • A communication module that allows you to distribute information to all or certain customers at multiple points in the catalogue.

Atelio Aftermarket Exclusive content

Beyond its comprehensive catalogue features, Atelio Aftermarket International streamlines the process of generating service quotes and managing car service tasks.

AMI enables swift compile of comprehensive car repair estimates

AMI enables a swift compilation of comprehensive car repair estimates, including pricing for both OEM and aftermarket parts. It integrates manufacturer-provided labour times and maintenance schedules to ensure precise service execution. Additionally, AMI allows the printing of detailed operation checklists for customer invoices, ensuring warranty validation for newer vehicles. It also facilitates the ordering of spare parts directly from distributors through quotes saved in the software.

Smart Filter OE, the feature that reduces parts returns and wrong orders.

Atelio Aftermarket international is equipped with SMART FILTER OE , an innovative module that also filters the AM part references associated with the selected component that are compatible with the vehicle’s Original Equipment (OE) reference.

During a compounding operation, SMART FILTER OE automatically selects the combination of elements suitable for the vehicle in question, such as the disc reference that is perfectly compatible with the pre-selected brake pad, thus avoiding all those selection errors that waste the operator’s time.

OE Smart Filter catalogue Atelio Aftermarket International

SMART FILTER OE is integrated in both the catalogue and the maintenance schedule module and automatically filters the elements associated with the operations.

Thanks to SMART FILTER OE, we guarantee distributors a 5% reduction in wrong orders and returns, simplified stock management and improved stock turnover, while workshops can be sure that the parts match the original reference and that no mistakes are made or time wasted.

Cross Reference IAM Maximum Reliability Index

In Atelio Aftermarket International (AMI), the “CROSS OE” Identifies the IAM part number matching the OE part assembled on the vehicle. Parts bearing this index are not only compatible with the selected vehicle, but our experts also certify that the spare part reference is equivalent to the original part reference, and has the manufacturer’s guarantee of full equivalence between the aftermarket part number and the original part number.

Facts & figures

  • + 89 K
    vehicle variants
  • 4.9 M
    AM codes
  • 580
  • 1.2 M
    OE Codes
Atelio Aftermarket spare parts  Features

Atelio Aftermarket Key Features

Top Highlights of the Parts Catalogue Atelio Aftermarket International

  • Simple and precise vehicle search
  • Parts database and multi-brand prices
  • Interfaces with third-party DMS*
  • Smart catalogue
  • Customisation of the tool
  • Methods & data module

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