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Atelio Fid: Essential marketing and predictive maintenance software for workshops and networks

ATELIO FID allows you to contact your customers at the right time, anticipating their car maintenance needs to increase retention and loyalty

Atelio Fid : Essential marketing tool and predictive maintenance for workshop and network

Let’s discover Atelio Fid

With Atelio Fid, you can send personalized service alerts to your customers via email and text message at the optimal time, ensuring timely and tailored communication.

Atelio Fid empowers repairers and automotive centres to foster customer loyalty by proactively sending timely service alert messages, anticipating upcoming work on their vehicles and showcasing expertise in servicing.

The algorithm of Atelio Fid cross-references data from the manufacturer’s maintenance plan with dormant information from your DMS, such as Atelio Pro (customer details, vehicle data, spare parts, mileage, etc.). This ensures that customers are alerted to the need for service on their vehicles before they are even aware of it.

With Atelio Fid, you can send personalized service alerts to your customers

Atelio Fid enables you to reach out to eligible customers at the opportune moment. Each month, select customers will receive a personalized text message or email notifying them of the necessity for their vehicle’s service. Showcase your professionalism and dedication to their vehicle’s well-being, leaving a lasting impression!


Atelio Fid’s calculation algorithm cross-references the manufacturer’s maintenance plan data with your DMS invoice data (customers, vehicles, invoiced parts and packages, mileage, etc.) to identify the vehicles suitable for servicing for a given period.


Atelio Fid offers an advanced campaign system: it defines targeted interventions, determines which part of the customer population to contact each month and for each campaign (brakes, shock absorbers, service, etc.).


You don’t have to do anything: Atelio Fid’s predictive marketing solution does the targeting for you and provides you with ready-to-use email and text-message templates. You only have to check and validate them, and the job is done automatically.

Atelio Fid's algorithm cross-references data from your DMS, such to alert customers

Turn dormant data from your management tool into revenue and loyalty with Atelio Fid.

Try the power of predictive marketing

Rise to the challenge of building customer loyalty with the power of our software.

Atelio Fid Benefits

The tool designed to increase customer attendance at the workshop.

Benefits for independent repairers

  • Offer a professional and personalised service, anticipating your customer’s needs
  • Keep your customers loyal and increase your turnover
  • Personalise your messages with promotional offers
  • An easy-to-use tool
  • Automatic campaigns when you don’t have time to set them up
  • Statistics to monitor campaign performance

Benefits for workshop networks

  • Offer your franchisees an innovative turnkey marketing tool
  • Increase the sales and performance of your network
  • Increase the visibility and professionalism of your brand
  • Improve the image of your network by standardising communication between outlets
  • Easy to implement
  • Global and per-store statistics to monitor the performance of your network’s campaigns

Atelio Fid Exclusive functionality

How does Atelio Fid improve your commercial performance through the efficient use of sleeping data?

ATELIO FID suggests a targeted list of customers for each campaign, organizing them based on criteria such as the type of operation needed for their vehicles.

Every month, you have the flexibility to select specific customers for outreach via email or text message, aligning with your precise targeting requirements. After each campaign, analyze and optimize your actions by leveraging generated turnover and workshop data to enhance performance.

Atelio Fid improving your commercial performance through the efficient use of sleeping data

Atelio Fid extracts your customer and fleet data from your ERP/DMS by linking it to your management tool.


Its internal algorithm associates this data with the operations on the last invoice by mapping them with the manufacturer’s maintenance plans.

Maintenance forecasts are calculated based on the actual time interval and mileage of the vehicles.


Finally, it identifies the list of customer vehicles in need of maintenance/repair.

One tool with 2 ways to manage communication and customer loyalty

Atelio Fid Predictive Marketing service for mechanics

Predictive Marketing

To create automated campaigns that proactively anticipate consumer behaviour and forecast their needs before they are consciously aware of them.

Atelio Fid directe email Marketing service for garages

Direct Marketing

To engage with your customers during special occasions and offer seasonal promotions.

Facts & figures

  • + 8 k€
    average additional monthly income
  • 16 %
    return rate
  • + 840 K
    campaigns sent annually
  • 340
    ​average basket

Atelio Fid is at its best when connected to Atelio Pro

Ask for a demo and discover how the two Infopro Digital Automotive software integrate perfectly to create a powerful management and loyalty tool.

Atelio Fid is at its best when connected to Atelio Pro
Atelio pro Workshop management software and invoicing digital

Atelio Fid Key Features

Top Highlights of Atelio Fid

  • Contact customers in advance​
  • Showcase expertise ​
  • Establish a trusted relationship ​
  • Prevent unnecessary vehicle breakdowns by being proactive​
  • Optimise the use of dormant DMS information
  • Renew and extend the vehicle’s after-sales life cycle by bringing the customer back to the workshop

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