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Automotive Solutions for OEM, parts and diagnostic tool manufacturers

We provide smart data and software solutions tailored to the complexities of the automotive industry. Our strategic approach is designed to empower parts and tool manufacturer customers, fostering growth and success in their business endeavors.

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Bring your automotive business to a whole new level

Our primary goal is to understand your needs and preferences to continue developing products and services that add real value to your business. We want to offer you solutions based on the actual goals and expectations of OEM, parts and diagnostic tool manufacturers.

Our solutions help you by providing detailed information on the spare parts you supply to your customers, starting from data on the parts themselves, to how these are used, to information on specific maintenance and repair operations.

Thanks to the aid we guarantee through our solutions, we enable you to support the customers in your network in the best way possible.

Master the growth challenges faced by OEM parts and diagnostic manufactures through tailored solutions

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Unlock new horizons in the automotive industry with Infopro Digital Automotive’s innovative solutions. By leveraging our comprehensive and precise technical data, you can tap into new market segments, improve customer retention, and drive competitive advantage.

Our solutions and advice dedicated to parts and diagnostic tool manufacturers

  • OE Data Research reduces time-to-market and helps parts manufacturers make informed business decisions.

    OE Data Research

    Discover our OE Parts Dataset that boost your aftermarket presence, reduce time-to-market, and help the spare parts manufactures make informed business decisions

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  • OATS: The most advanced Automotive Oil and Lubricants Database


    OATS: get to know the most advanced automotive oils and lubricants database on the market.

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  • Mechanic using HaynesPro technical dataset


    HaynesPro: explore the premier Automotive B2B Technical Information Database

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  • Multi-brand online parts catalogue and quotation tool for distributors and workshops

    Atelio Aftermarket International

    Our spare parts catalogue that bridges the gap between spare part distributors and workshops, enabling OE and AM spare parts identification, unlimited quotations and orders, augmented with technical information for parts replacements.

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  • Icon of a parts box representing ITG, Distributors and Wholesalers, underlining Infopro Digital Automotive's focus on the distributor target group

    ITGs, Distributors & Wholesalers

    Facilitate distribution processes with Infopro Digital Automotive products

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  • Icon depicting a car on a lift, symbolising workshops, fast fitters and networks, highlighting Infopro Digital Automotive's commitment to providing services for this target audience

    Workshops, Fast Fitters & Networks

    Unlock exclusive benefits for automotive repair and maintenance experts with Our Technical Data and Digital…

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  • icons depicting a fleet of cars representing Infopro's Leasers & Insurance Compagnies target customers

    Fleets, Leasers & Insurance Companies

    Explore our product offerings tailored for Fleets, Leasers and Insurance Companies.

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