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ETAI Ibérica

Spanish specialist in technical information, technical support, and management software for workshops

Introducing our brand company ETAI Ibérica

Get to know the ETAI Ibérica Company

Etai Ibérica is a distinguished brand under the umbrella of Infopro Digital Automotive, specialising in providing cutting-edge solutions for workshops across Spain and Portugal. It is formed by a team of 30 people located in Barcelona. As articulated by Eric González Canova, our General Manager for Southern Europe, the essence of our team lies in its remarkable unity and the profound dedication shared by all members towards ensuring customer satisfaction.


Our extensive reach extends to nearly 4,000 customers, including independent workshops and major workshop networks, solidifying our position as a trusted partner in the automotive solutions sector.

Get to know ETAI Iberica Spanish Company
  • Technical data software
  • Online spare parts catalogues
  • Dealer management system
  • Specialised technical assistance

ETAI Ibérica’s History

Since its establishment, Etai Ibérica has been centred on providing technical information for workshops. Initially, it operated as a publishing house, producing manuals and reviews—with the RTA review as its standout offering. Subsequently, the company transitioned into the realm of software solutions. Since 1978, Etai Ibérica has been an essential component of Infopro Digital Automotive, solidifying its presence as a longstanding contributor to the automotive information and software sector.

Etai Iberica Office