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French leader of ERPs dedicated to auto centres, tyre and parts distributors

Introducing our brand company Inovaxo

Get to know the French Company Inovaxo

Inovaxo specializes in the development of software and comprehensive management solutions designed specifically for tyre and spare parts dealerships, as well as auto centres. Headquartered in Nantes, the company also maintains offices in Nancy and Niort.

Inovaxo offers a diverse product range structured into two primary categories, aligning with the distinct needs of the tire and parts distribution sectors: ERPs and web solutions for efficient management of activities.


We develop easy-to-use software to empower our business partners, enabling them to optimize and enhance their daily operations. Our smart management system integrates various functional components unique to the tyre or spare parts industry, all within a unified database.


Inovaxo provides a range of service tiers tailored to support our customers at every stage:


  • Support and Project management. From the analysis of your business needs to technical specifications, together we deploy operational and technical specifications and implement a roadmap.
  • Material and equipment with recognized quality and equipped with backups, antivirus, and benefitting from a long-term on-site warranty.
  • On-site or remote training to help our users get the best use of their application.
  • Follow-up and maintenance of your ERP through constant infrastructure updates and incident surveillance, minimising inconveniences.

Get to know Inovaxo French Company
  • ERP
  • Online spare parts catalogue
  • Dealer management system
  • Automotive App

INOVAXO’s History

Inovaxo is the result of the merger of two companies: Cogeti and Logiwin.

Following their integration into the Infopro Digital Group in June 2012, Cogeti and Logiwin united in 2013 to establish Inovaxo. This strategic merger was driven by the goal of synergizing complementary knowledge and expertise.


With Cogeti’s historical presence in central purchasing platforms and Logiwin’s extensive agency network, Inovaxo now operates seamlessly across the entire chain. Today, our reach extends to larger customers, including multinational platforms.

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