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Infopro Digital Automotive reveals its new brand identity


Infopro Digital Automotive, a leading provider of B2B technical data, software and digital services for the professional and consumer automotive aftermarket, has officially changed its appearance, aligned with the new graphic universe from the Group, projecting itself into the future with a new visual identity. This change is intended to represent a brand and a vision that are both aligned with the challenges faced by today’s automotive aftermarket. 

A new image for our global brand strategy 

This change supports the significant growth Infopro Digital Automotive has experienced in recent years, leading to its worldwide establishment and recognition on the market, together with the intrinsic desire to be seen as a united team with a common goal. 

As Regis Sandrin, Executive Director of Infopro Digital Automotive, explains:

Our mission at Infopro Digital Automotive is to support our customers with our innovative solutions and leading brands. We put the data, technology and digital expertise of our team at their service to improve the performance of their businesses. We need a modern and global image to best represent our ambition

The new identity ties all of Infopro Digital Automotive’s local branches together under one visual identity. As a result, Autronica, Haynes and HaynesPro, OATS, ETAI, Inovaxo, Sogexis, Ordi 3000, ISI Condal, ETAI and ETAI Ibérica will be present as Infopro Digital Automotive, the representative name of the group. This thereby establishes it as a brand that combines all its expertise and specificities in a single, global digital product offering

A new logo for a digital evolving market 

The restyling process is the result of careful reflections by Infopro Digital experts to best represent our digital DNA through a clear and distinctive graphic layout.  

The deep blue and square design of the new Infopro Digital Automotive logo stands for all its digital solutions, and the double slash // is a reference to coding and digital technology. These graphic elements support our mission statement: helping professionals and businesses succeed in an increasingly complex and digital world. Moreover, the double slash // also graphically symbolises the essential commitment of Infopro Digital Automotive to accompany professionals and companies in achieving their goals. 

A fresh look for an even more global offer 

The Infopro Digital Automotive offer for the automotive aftermarket industry has a truly global reach. Its solutions are specifically designed to meet any need or issue encountered by professionals in the sector and are developed around 4 main pillars:   

1. ERPs and Dealer Management Systems,

2. Catalogues and B2B platforms,  

3. Technical Data, Repair and Maintenance Information,  

4. Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing.  

The richness and the guarantee of quality lie in the genuine desire to always offer the best possible products to the market and the crucial intertwining of specific and long-standing expertise.  

The choice of the colour blue comes into play once again, as it is used as a graphic element to convey the strength of the Infopro Digital Automotive offer, creating an immersive ecosystem that improves the performance of automotive businesses and supports them in their day-to-day activities in an increasingly competitive and digital world. 


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