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Interview with Eric Gonzalez Canova for InfoTaller (Spain)


We are proud to share the English translation of the interview conducted by InfoTaller with our General Manager for Southern Europe, Eric Gonzalez. The focus is set on the evolution of Infopro Digital Automotive as a whole and especially the important transformation it has undergone in the Spanish market.
If you wish to read the interview in its original language, you can find it here: Eric Glz. Canova (Infopro Digital Automotive): “Solucionamos cualquier necesidad de una empresa de postventa”

1. Who is Infopro Digital Automotive?

Etai Ibérica, since 1978, as technical information specialists, spare parts catalogues, management software and technical assistance for workshops.
HaynesPro, since 2020, as specialists in technical information for the global automotive aftermarket.
And finally, Isi Condal, since 2021, as specialists in management software (ERP) for distributors and spare parts manufacturers.

2. What stage has been reached in integrating the different teams and resources of each Infopro company in Spain?

3. Etai Ibérica and Isi Condal now constitute a single organisation together with HaynesPro. Three brands are grouped under the umbrella of Infopro Digital Automotive. What specific advantages does this union bring to workshops?

4. And what about distribution?

5. How can your company help aftermarket businesses in their efforts to digitise their operations?

6. Are there any developments planned for your solutions? What are you working on?

7. You will be attending Motortec. What can a workshop or distributor expect when visiting your stand?

8. What is your opinion on the RMI project and how will it influence vehicle connectivity in the future?

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