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Technical Data for electric and hybrid electric vehicle maintenance: Infopro Digital Automotive’s key role in the global aftermarket

A white electric car connected to a charging station, representing Infopro Digital Automotive's impact on the maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles in the global aftermarket.

The market for electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids (HEV) is rapidly expanding both in Europe and the United States, supported by a blend of government policies, technological innovations, and growing consumer interest in more sustainable mobility solutions. As a result, providing quality technical data for EV and hybrid maintenance is becoming increasingly important.

The Rise of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

In Europe, the EV market has seen significant growth, led by countries like Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, where the percentage of new electric car registrations is among the highest [ICCT, 2023.]. This growth is supported by stringent environmental policies and substantial incentives such as purchase subsidies and tax benefits, which have stimulated demand. In the United States, despite slower growth compared to Europe and China, the EV market is on the rise, with sales showing a significant increase in 2021 and a positive outlook for the coming years. The Inflation Reduction Act and other local policies such as those in California are pushing for greater adoption of EVs, aiming for a significant transformation of the automotive sector towards electrification [IEA, 2021and 2022].

Globally, electric car sales reached 10 million in 2022. Projections indicate they will grow to 73 million units by 2040, showing the potential for an increase in EV market share to 61% of global car sales [ICCT / McKinsey & Company/ Counterpoint Research/​Goldman Sachs/IEA]. This scenario is supported by an increase in the production and sale of EVs in key markets like China, which dominates the EV sector, and significant expansion projects in other Asian countries. The growth of EVs also reflects technological evolution, particularly in the battery sector, which constitutes a substantial part of the cost of electric vehicles []. The industry is witnessing a growing concentration of battery manufacturers, who are gaining market power and influencing global price dynamics.

In Europe, several brands are at the forefront of the electric and hybrid vehicle market. Western brands such as Volkswagen and Renault have introduced various models that have achieved considerable success. For example, the Volkswagen ID.3 and the Renault Zoe are among the most popular models, thanks to their energy efficiency and innovative design. But it is still Tesla that dominates the market with its Model Y and Model 3 driving sales. BMW, with its i3 and iX3 models, and Mercedes, with the EQC, stand out in the premium segment of the market. From Asia, Toyota and Hyundai are very active, with Toyota continuing to dominate the hybrid segment with its Prius range and Hyundai making a mark with the Kona Electric. Furthermore, MG, particularly the MG4, has recorded impressive sales figures in the recent past. [EVSpecifications /Best-Selling Cars/euronews].

In the United States, Tesla dominates the electric vehicle market with models such as the Model 3, Model S and Model X, which stand out for their technological innovation and performance. Other American brands such as Ford and Chevrolet are looking to expand their presence in the EV market with models such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Chevrolet Bolt. In addition, the presence of Asian brands such as Nissan with the Leaf and Hyundai with the Ioniq continue to grow, offering competitive alternatives with good electric range and affordable prices [ / Drive Tesla].

In conclusion, on a global scale, BYD has demonstrated considerable growth, not only in the Chinese market, but also in terms of its international expansion. Models such as the Yuan Plus/Atto 3 and the Dolphin have emerged as the company’s most successful products. At the global level, Tesla and BYD are the principal actors in the electric vehicle market. Tesla has a market share of 19.9%, while BYD follows closely behind with 17.1%. The competitive landscape is undergoing a period of significant change. It is anticipated that BYD will surpass Tesla in terms of sales.

Importance of Technical Data for electric vehicle maintenance and repairs

The maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles presents unique challenges. This is primarily due to their advanced technology and specialised components, such as specific battery management systems, electric motors and sophisticated electronic components. Unlike conventional cars, electric and hybrid vehicles require specific knowledge and technical data to ensure effective repairs. Accurate technical data allows mechanics to understand and efficiently repair complex systems, ensuring the reliability and longevity of these vehicles.

Without detailed technical data, technicians may not be able to diagnose or repair vehicles effectively. Technical data provides the information needed for everything from routine maintenance to solving complex problems. In addition, working with high-voltage systems, such as those found in electric or hybrid vehicles, poses significant risks. While technical data provides crucial safety procedures to safeguard technicians from potentially dangerous situations,much of this information is protected by proprietary rights. This can limit access for independent repairers, hindering their ability to obtain the necessary information for proper repairs. That’s where specialised databases like Atelio Data from highly qualified technical suppliers like Infopro Digital Automotive come in –bridging the gap and ensuring essential data is readily available.

Modern European workshops require several key elements for effective repairs: access to manuals and databases with detailed, up-to-date repair procedures for each model, specific training in managing and repairing high-voltage electrical systems and batteries, and individual safety equipment. As the number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road rises, the demand for specialised maintenance and repair services grows. This underscores the importance of repair professionals continually updating their skills and equipment.

Car mechanic consulting on a laptop a procedure for the electric vehicles maintenance  supplied by Infopro Digital Automotive

Electric vehicles maintenance requires specific technical data to ensure effective repairs, with detailed procedures taking into account safety measures for high-voltage systems.

The role of Infopro Digital Automotive in the Electric and Hybrid vehicle maintenance

Infopro Digital Automotive, with its HaynesPro database and Atelio Data, is at the forefront of supporting car repair shops across Europe. Our comprehensive datasets include 330 types of electric vehicles (EVs) and 342 types of hybrid vehicles(HEVs), covering 98% and 96% of the European vehicle in operation (VIO) for these fuel types respectively. This extensive coverage ensures that workshop can access the critical information they need for almost every model currently on the road.

Our electric vehicle dataset is particularly robust, providing electric drive management diagrams for 73% of the European VIO for these fuel types. This is critical as it provides detailed diagrams essential for diagnosing and repairing the advanced electrical systems of electric vehicles. Such detailed data enables faster and more accurate repairs, reducing downtime for vehicle owners and increasing workshop efficiency.
Similarly, our coverage of hybrid vehicles includes electric drive management diagrams for 78% of European VIO of these fuel types.

In conclusion, the future of transport is clearly geared towards sustainability, with electric and hybrid vehicles playing an increasingly important role. Both Europe and the United States are witnessing the rapid adoption of these advanced technologies. Infopro Digital Automotive, with its HaynesPro database and Atelio Data, is becoming a fundamental pillar of technical support for repair professionals, providing access to essential data on a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles maintenance. This support is essential to ensure effective and safe repairs, which are crucial to maintaining consumer confidence and facilitating a smooth transition to a greener fleet.

Boost your automotive business with Infopro Digital’s technical data. Contact our consultants today to learn more about Atelio Data and HaynesPro solutions.

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