Technical Data and Repair & Maintenance Information

We simplify repair and maintenance operations by providing reliable and accurate technical data in a standardised format

The automotive industry is undergoing a major change with the introduction of connected and self-driving cars. This, in turn, is leading to the deployment of several new electronic innovations, making vehicles increasingly complex to repair.

For modern workshops, obtaining access to accurate and reliable data for maintaining or repairing operations while complying with the manufacturers’ warranties is a key issue.

Our software for technical data and repair methods has been integrating OEM information collected from vehicle and parts manufacturers for several years. We provide the essential repair and maintenance operations for both on- and off-road vehicles.

We at Infopro Digital Automotive aspire to provide all automotive repair professionals with a tool to help them work to their full potential. Whatever the vehicle, our in-house solutions provide data that guarantees fast and efficient fault diagnosis and resolution. We want to assure our partners that with the right data at hand they will be able to work smoothly and safely. This will help them optimise the time spent on each vehicle and improve both workshop turnover and customer satisfaction.

Tools features that help you work at your full potential

Data reliable benefit

Accurate and reliable data for carrying out maintenance and repair operations

Data efficient diagnostics benefit

Faster and more efficient diagnostics and troubleshooting

Data Professional service Benefit

Professional service ensuring compliance with the manufacturer’s warranty

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OEM-based technical data software for cars and light commercial vehicles

OEM-based technical data for cars and light commercial vehicles, including repair methods, a VESA™ guided diagnostic module, wiring diagrams, detailed technical drawings, and technical bulletins.

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OEM-based technical data software for cars, trucks, and motorcycles

OEM-based technical data for cars and light commercial vehicles including repair instructions, wiring diagrams, detailed technical drawings, and technical service bulletins.

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Online installation instructions on manufacturers’ components

Enables manufacturers to add a QR code to their component packaging to provide workshops with our installation & repair instructions accessible on tablets, PCs, or smartphones.

Oil and lubricant database connecting manufacturers, customers and distributors

A recommendation system to help manufacturers and distributors of industrial lubricants optimise their product portfolio and direct their customers to the right product.

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Our qualified data is made available for practical, strategic, and operational insights and decision-making

Use API and webservices to access our technical data to enrich your own tools and solutions


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