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Off-the-shelf Solutions

Online OE/AM parts catalog Atelio Aftermarket International is an online catalog for OE (original equipment) and AM (equipment manufacturer) parts for light vehicles and light utility vehicles maintenance and repair. (...)

Atelio Aftermarket International

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A product of ETAI’s experience in the field of technical information, Atelio Doc is an online solution which allows its users to gain perfect and full control over all repair (...)

Atelio Doc

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Online catalog for original and manufacturer equipment parts for mechanics and suppliers of spare parts who specialize in heavy-duty vehicles and light utility vehicles Key features: Identification with VIN Data (...)

Atelio Truck

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INCREASE YOUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND PROFITS! The Software solution for general vehicle state control and point-by-point record. Although the software is intended for workshops, it can be also used for (...)


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Repairmax Pro allows you to significantly increase your workshop inputs by recontacting your customers at the right time. Using a sophisticated algorithm, Repairmax Pro crosses customer information, all invoices from (...)

Repairmax Pro

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