French leader of ERPs dedicated to auto centres and tyre and parts distributors

Inovaxo headquarter

Inovaxo publishes software and global management solutions dedicated to tire and spare parts dealerships and auto centres. The Nantes-based company also has offices in Nancy and Niort.

Inovaxo offers a whole range of products organized around 2 main categories, according to the needs of the parts or tire distribution activity: ERPs and web solutions for the tire and parts activity management.

We develop easy-to-use software that help our business partners optimize and develop their daily business through a smart management system integrating the various functional components specific to the tyre or spare parts industry, around a single database.

Inovaxo offers various levels of services to assist our customers at every step:

  • Support and Project management. From the analysis of your business needs to technical specifications, we deploy operational and technical specifications together and implement a roadmap.
  • Material and equipment with recognized quality and equipped with backups, antivirus, and benefiting from a long-term on-site warranty.
  • On-site or remote training to help our users get the best use of their application
  • Follow-up and maintenance of your ERP through constant infrastructure updates and incident surveillance, minimising inconveniences.
Inovaxo offices

The tools and content developed by the Inovaxo teams form a chain of integrated solutions dedicated to parts and tires dealers, platforms and auto centres:

  • ERPs for tire and spare parts activity management: W-Centrale, W-Contact, WinPro Pneus, WinPro Pièces.
  • Management tools: Ino’Cube, a business intelligence tool to help our business partners improve their performance thanks to smart exploitation of their data, and Ino’Parc for better management of heavy vehicle fleets.
  • Content tools: Ino’Tarif is a tire and spare parts pricing database updated daily and automatically integrated into the ERPs.
  • Online parts and tire catalogues: Ino’Shop and Ino’Pneus enable warehouses and workshops to identify the parts and tires associated with a vehicle, to know their availability and selling price, and to order them 24/7 directly from a distributor or a platform.
  • Applications on tablet or smartphone: Ino’Check helps to perform a general vehicle condition check in the workshop and to generate additional revenue (geometry, braking, tires…). Next, Ino’Scan is a mobile inventory management application to simplify the tracking of incoming and outgoing goods and the realization of fast and accurate stocktaking.
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Inovaxo catalogue picto

Online spare parts catalogs

Inovaxo dms picto

Dealer management system

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Automotive App


Inovaxo is the result of the merger of two companies: Cogeti and Logiwin.

After joining the Infopro Digital Group in June 2012, Cogeti and Logiwin merged in 2013 to give birth to the company Inovaxo, resulting from a desire to pool complementary knowledge and know-how.

Cogeti being historically established with central purchasing plateforms and Logiwin with their agencies, Inovaxo works today vertically on the whole chain and with larger customers such as multinational platforms.

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