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HaynesPro and Infopro Digital Automotive continue to participate in the KLM CO2ZERO initiative

Aerial view of the Amazon River winding through the lush Amazon rainforest, symbolizing HaynesPro and Infopro Digital Automotive's commitment to the KLM CO2ZERO initiative

In 2020 HaynesPro will continue its efforts in decreasing its carbon footprint which is why we will continue participating in KLM’s CO2ZERO initiative. All flight-related CO2 emissions of the past 12 months on KLM, Air France and Delta airlines will be compensated through the CO2OL reforestation project in Panama.

CO2OL project story

Degraded land, originally forest land, later used for extensive cattle ranching, is reforested with mostly native tree species and gradually converted into mixed forests. The project provides for sustainable timber production and cocoa cultivation; it protects biodiversity and restores a healthy forest ecosystem.

Sustainable forest management and cocoa production offer employment opportunities, therefore improve the economic and social situation of rural communities and families. Moreover, the project helps to promote mutual learning and knowledge transfer.

CO2OL Tropical Mix has been one of the first in line to be successfully certified under the renowned Gold Standard for land use and forestry projects; the cocoa production areas have been the first agroforestry systems to be certified under the Gold Standard.

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