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HaynesPro: Driving Success at the Kranenburg Carbage run 2019

Image from the HaynePro-sponsored classic Saab 900 participating in the 2019 Kranenburg Carbagerun

HaynesPro, Infopro Digital Automotive brand leader in automotive data solutions, proudly sponsored Team Kranenburg in the adventurous Kranenburg Carbage run of 2019. This event, marked by its challenging and scenic 2500-kilometer journey, saw Robert van Kranenburg, HaynesPro’s lead product developer, take the wheel of a robust Saab 900. The sponsorship not only highlighted HaynesPro’s commitment to automotive excellence but also showcased their innovative technical vehicle repair data which were essential in navigating the demanding course​

What is the Kranenburg Carbage run?

Series of cars that just left the finish line of the Kranenburg Carbagerun 2019

The Carbage run is a popular automotive rally known for its unique premise: participants drive cars that, ideally, are not only inexpensive but also possess a certain flair for enduring strenuous long-distance journeys across Europe. The 2019 edition, which included the Kranenburg team sponsored by HaynesPro, was no exception. The event tests the limits of both car and driver, fostering a spirit of adventure and mechanical ingenuity, often under the most challenging conditions.

HaynesPro’s participation in this event underlines its dedication to the automotive community, providing both professional support and technical resources to enthusiasts and professionals alike. This kind of active engagement in real-world automotive challenges exemplifies their broader mission to enhance the efficiency and reliability of automotive services across Europe

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