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How PDAs help spare parts distributors


The use of PDAs marks a turning point in the logistics management of any company. But if you working in the spare parts distribution sector, with a very high average number of references and orders processed per day, the use of portable barcode reading devices is especially recommendable.

In this article, we will look at how PDAs help spare parts distributors in their warehouse management, from the logistics processes that can be carried out with a barcode reader to the advantages of its use and the changes in the work process. We will also look at how PDAs can be linked to the ERP you use for your daily business.

Logistics processes and advantages when using a PDA

An example: the location data of references in a multi-location warehouse is done with the PDA in a single process. There is no need for another person to intervene thereafter to enter the location data of a reference in the management system.

Another example is as follows: if we work with a PDA, after the goods have been extracted we can validate the customer’s order before dispatch. This prevents those dreaded returns that cause so many losses.

Additional advantages are:

What changes does the use of PDAs imply in the work process?

The main change is that all management (including counter management) is based on orders. These are categorised according to the order preparation process and the type of delivery. A possible classification could be as follows:

For each type of order, we can establish different work protocols in terms of validation, extraction and dispatch. The PDA will automatically inform us of the preparation status of each order according to its classification. And it will also allow us to print the delivery notes for the customer.

The most obvious consequence of the use of PDAs in the warehouse is the streamlining of workflows:

What changes does the use of PDAs imply for the physical organisation of your warehouse?

First, you must make sure that you have a wifi or 3G connection to link the PDA to your databases. Not all PDAs are prepared to work with one or the other system. In any case, you will have to make sure that the connection level is optimal in order to have real-time information about your warehouse management.

Secondly, all your products and locations need to be labelled:


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