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Infopro Digital Automotive brings cloud-based solutions to manage workshop daily operations and increase the customer return rate


Infopro Digital Automotive brings cloud-based solutions to manage daily workshop operations and increase the customer return rate.

The dealer management system Atelio Pro offers increased efficiency to all workshops, regardless of size, streamlining day-to-day operational tasks, from vehicle reception to invoicing.

With Atelio Fid, workshops increase customer return rates by automatically sending reminders of pending maintenance/inspections by SMS or email. 

The new addition to the Infopro Digital Automotive DMS family is fully cloud-based. With a single software package, the Atelio Pro solution facilitates efficient workshop management of invoicing, vehicle reception and delivery, schedule, stock control and everything else related to managing their daily operations. 

With over 5,000 users in France, Spain, and Italy, and now with the addition of a Portuguese version, our workshop DMS is a crucial product in our software and database ecosystem for the automotive aftermarket. This solution can be, of course, easily connected with other Infopro Digital Automotive products and solutions. It is available from Q4, 2022.

Enno Ebels, Product & Data Director of Infopro Digital Automotive, explains:

The Atelio Pro solution will allow workshops to manage customer and supplier invoices, workshop planning and all day-to-day operational tasks to ensure efficiency and management of the workshop […]

To complete the workshop customer management solutions, Infopro Digital Automotive has Atelio Fid in its portfolio. This predictive marketing software manages to increase the rate of return of a workshop’s customer base by 16%. This solution, already available in France, will expand its coverage into the Italian and Spanish markets from the last quarter of 2022. 

From the workshop management software, Atelio Fid extracts a vehicle’s mileage and its maintenance or repair history, then combines this data with the technical maintenance information from the manufacturer. Using this information, Atelio Fid enables workshops to select customers automatically and send special promotions and maintenance reminders by SMS/email. This guarantees that customers receive timely reminders of necessary maintenance, acting as an incentive for repeat business.

Infopro Digital Automotive helps automotive professionals to improve their businesses. Our management tools supply the information to enable workshops to make the right decisions for improving productivity.


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