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Infopro Digital Automotive announces new workshop solution to meet aftermarket challenges


Launch of Atelio Data, an easy-to-navigate and mobile-friendly interface providing rapid access to technical information

New on-demand documentation assistance service module for HaynesPro

New releases in technical data for motorcycles 

Automechanika 2022 will be the venue for the launch of Atelio Data, software that solves one of the workshop’s main challenges, obtaining access to accurate technical information. This access is essential if the workshop is to carry out maintenance and repair operations efficiently.

Atelio Data is a reliable, user-friendly system designed by technicians for technicians. The new Atelio Data combines Infopro Digital Automotive’s and HaynesPro’s technical information solutions and expertise. The result is an extremely rich in content software that is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. It offers workshops the comprehensive data coverage they need to repair and maintain an increasingly diverse fleet of vehicles.

Included in the product:

In addition, customers using specific versions of Atelio Data will have access to a new feature. Customers using the French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian versions can access an on-demand documentation assistance service module for classic, low-volume, or prestige vehicles. This module will be available on demand from autumn 2022.

The on-demand documentation assistance service option will also be added to the HaynesPro WorkshopData range. It will allow us to continue improving our product and increase our product success across our portfolio. Workshops will easily access infrequently used information and documentation, raising vehicle fleet coverage to 99%. The service has already proved successful in our southern European region, where it is available through another product. From the fourth quarter of 2022, the on-demand service in HaynesPro WorkshopData will also be available in German and English.

Enno Ebels, Product & Data Director of Infopro Digital Automotive says: “We continue to improve our technical information and bring the latest updates to the market. The solutions on offer today show an interest in combining forces between the different entities of the Automotive division. We are starting to create innovative solutions, showing what joining forces can bring added value to our customers. From December 2023, our specialized technical data solutions, HaynesPro WorkshopData Moto and Atelio Data Moto, will be expanded by data and expertise delivered by OATS, our lubricant data provider brand. In addition to the 26 motorcycle brands currently covered by our applications, lubricant-related data will be available for more than 90 additional makes. Thus further highlighting the added value of combining the expertise of our rich history as a service provider for the automotive aftermarket.


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